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Drone Propeller Guard For DJI T40
- Blue



  • Maximise Your Drone's Lifespan with Our Propeller Protectors!
  • Guard your DJI T40 investment with our precision-engineered propeller protectors.
  • Extend the life of your propellers and prevent costly damages during travel or storage.
  • Easy to install and lightweight, ensuring your drone's agility remains intact.
  • Enhance the safety of your drone with our expertly crafted propeller protectors while keeping your DJI T40 in pristine condition.
  • Designed for easy attachment, these protectors provide an additional layer of defence against unexpected accidents.

    And 10% of every blue or purple set of propeller guards sold - and we'll donate 10% to Dollys Dream #doitfordolly

Propeller Guard For DJI T40 Drone - Do It For Dolly Blue

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia.

    Our Propeller protectors are HIGHLY durable, Made from ABS to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring the longevity of your drone propellors, and the reliability of your drone operations.

    Replaceable inner protection.

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