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propeller guards for drones - yellow
DO IT FOR DOLLY propeller guard for DJI T40 drone purple
DO IT FOR DOLLY propeller guard for DJI T40 drone blue
DO IT FOR DOLLY propeller guard for DJI T40 drone
propeller guard for drone - red TGI T40 drone

Propellor Guards for DJI T40 Drones

Why Propellor Guards?

After receiving our DJI T40 Drone and realising that was no protection for our propellers, we were on a mission to find some!

Since we didn't want to risk any damage to the Props or the T40 during transit or storage, we searched extensively for a solution. Our search led us to the perfect manufacturer right here in Australia!

And after MANY, MANY prototypes tested in the field over months we were thrilled with the finished product. 

Our DJI T40 Propeller holders are strong, light weight and quick to install.

The drone propellor guards are highly durable, designed to withstand All Australian weather conditions. We have ensured that the foam inlay protection is replaceable, allowing you to easily extend the lifespan of your Propellor Guards and Propellors.

Rest assured, these guards are built to last, ensuring the longevity of your drone, drone propellors and your peace of mind.

If you happen to run over one with your truck or lose a piece of the set, you can buy just the one you need not a complete set !

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We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Dolly's Dream, a remarkable charity dedicated to creating positive change and providing support in the battle against bullying.


In a commitment to echo their extraordinary efforts, we've decided to contribute to this wonderful cause by donating 10% of all sales from our vibrant purple and blue coloured sets of drone propeller guards.


These colours, symbolising courage and kindness, reflects the spirit of Dolly's Dream. By choosing these guards, not only will you be protecting your drone, but also supporting the continuous fight for a world free from bullying, ensuring that every child feels valued and safe.


Join us in this vital mission and stand against bullying with every purchase. 

Together we can make Dolly's Dream a reality!

If you would just like to donate and not purchase this product you can do so at the Link below and thank you for supporting Dolly's Dream:

#DoItForDolly #bekind #dollysdream

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How To Use Your DJI T40 Drone Propeller Guards

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